SIIT launches Pawâcikêwikamik Mobile MakerLodge

The Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies has launched the Pawâcikêwikamik Mobile MakerLodge, which aims to foster innovation, emphasize culture, and support economic opportunities. Pawâcikêwikamik is a Plains Cree word that means “a lodge supporting those who dream.” The MakerLodge contains a variety of cutting-edge technology including a Tesla Model 3, 3D printers, drones, sewing machines, hydroponics towers, and virtual reality equipment. It provides training alongside the technology kits so that communities can explore these technologies more thoroughly. “The intention is to foster creativity and innovation, while emphasizing culture, language, kinship and connection,” said SIIT President Riel Bellegarde. The MakerLodge was funded by Crown Investments Corporation, Prairies Economic Development Canada, SaskEnergy, SaskPower, and SaskTel.

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