Water delivery issues cause school closures in Nunavik

Several schools in the Nunavik region have been forced to close following water delivery issues, reports CBC. Tarsakallak School in Aupaluk, Quebec has repeatedly run out of water, resulting in students being sent home when washrooms become unusable. When water reservoirs run low, CBC explains that Principal Elom Akpo has to search for water tankers. However, these tankers are not always available due to a shortage of qualified drivers and mechanical issues, and the schools often face issues such as inadequate or damaged pumps, filtration, or water storage tanks and climate challenges. Kativik school board executive director Harriet Keleutak estimates that students have missed a total of eight days of school since the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. “When we try to demand [an improved water and sewage system], the government doesn’t understand why schools need them,” said Kativik Ilisarniliriniq school board President Sarah Aloupa. “These seem to be little things to the government but they are very essential services in order to live normally daily.” Other schools have also been forced to close recently due to water shortages, including Nuvviti school in Ivujivik, Iguarsivik school in Puvirnituq, and Pigiurvik School in Salluit.