Arctic research station in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut reopens after pandemic closure

The Canadian High Arctic Research Station in Cambridge Bay has officially reopened after a pandemic-driven closure that extended for over a year. The multi-million dollar research station had only been open for 6 months before the facility was shuttered in the face of the pandemic. CBC reports that the pause encouraged researchers to engage with the community of Cambridge Bay and allowed staff to “fine-tune” the new facility’s policies, protocols, and procedures. “The pandemic did cause some problems for us, but fortunately we were able to maintain our data collection as we were able to make connections with local technicians and the hunters and trappers association,” said Brent Else, an Arctic marine and atmospheric scientist from the University of Calgary. “We were able to fill in the gaps by being involved with the community in that way.” CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.