CBU launches campaign to raise support for potential new medical school

Cape Breton University has launched a campaign to generate support for a potential new medical school. CBC reports that it is interested in establishing a collaborative medical clinic that would provide medical training and serve 10,000 patients. The medical school would train physicians to address the shortage of primary care physicians in the province, particularly in rural places. CBC also reports that the university is in talks with an unnamed university about a potential partnership on the project. CBU President David Dingwall said that the province, their partner, and the community would all need to be supportive of the project for it to move forward. Some local doctors have raised concerns about the plans, arguing that there is not a need for a second medical school in the province and that there are not enough doctors available to provide training to students. CBC (1)| CBC (2) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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