Changes needed to AB postsecondary education: Opinion


In an article for the Edmonton Journal, Laurie Adkin argues that changes are needed to how postsecondary education in Alberta is funded and structured. While discussing the findings of a report on the restructuring of AB’s postsecondary sector, Adkin argues that the cuts to operating grants have not only caused mass postsecondary job losses while reducing quality of education for students, but have also blurred the boundaries between private and public interest, compromising academic freedom. The author writes that rising tuition fees have made higher education less accessible, despite being understood as “public.” Finally, the author states concerns about postsecondary institutions’ boards of governors usually being populated by corporate sector individuals that lack a diversity of social backgrounds and how this may impact postsecondary policy. Edmonton Journal Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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