CICan launches skills enhancement initiative for newcomers

Colleges & Institutes Canada has launched Skills Enhancement for Newcomers, a two-year national initiative that will help newcomers develop their soft skills for a career in Canada. 1,000 newcomers will take part in microcredentials provided by public colleges and institutes. These programs are designed to supplement learners’ existing professional skills and provide an understanding of how Canadian workplaces differ from those in their home countries. “In a globalized world, soft skills are an essential part of working together and across cultural differences and help ensure that our workforce in Canada is futureproof,” stated CICan President Denise Amyot. CICan states that the program will also provide Canadian employers with access to a talent pool with intercultural and global skills. CICan (EN)| CICan (FR) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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