Concordia helps launch zero-carbon buildings accelerator in Montreal

A zero-carbon buildings accelerator with ties to Concordia University is launching in Montreal. The accelerator will support real estate developers with sustainable construction and renovation projects in line with Montreal’s commitment to achieving zero-carbon buildings by 2040. Concordia Canada Excellence Chair in Smart, Sustainable, and Resilient Cities and Communities Ursula Eicker and PhD student Natalie Voland launched the initiative due to worries that developers without knowledge of sustainable building practices would simply build elsewhere. They recruited specialists from a variety of sectors to help provide developers with solutions for managing carbon emissions, financing, zoning, energy use, and more. The accelerator will also create opportunities for Concordia student innovators and developers to turn ideas into practice. “We need to do this now, more than ever, so future generations don’t inherit our problems,” said Voland. Concordia Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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