Dal instructor, director reflect on truth and reconciliation

Two members of the Dalhousie University community recently shared reflections on residential schools and truth and reconciliation. At Dal, Native Studies Instructor Patti Doyle-Bedwell, who is Mi’kmaq, reflected on how the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation has led to acknowledgement and recognition of how residential schools negatively impacted Indigenous communities and a willingness to hear and believe Indigenous stories. “Our stories are no longer swept under the rug or not believed,” she said. Director of Indigenous Community Engagement Catherine Martin discussed how ensuring that the truth is told and that collective memories are believed can bring peace to those who suffered in residential schools. “We as Mi’kmaq carry the pain in our hearts and minds today for all those who suffered. It is in our collective memories, multi generations of trauma carried on through time,” explained Martin. “Let us hope that the truth will set us free and all those who suffered will finally be at peace.” Dal Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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