Denied: Why a bid for promotion to full professor fails

“The verdict is in,” write Jane S Halonen and Dana Dunn for the Chronicle of Higher Ed, “[and] the institution to which you have devoted a substantial part of your academic career has rejected your application for full professor.” Whether the reason was tight budgets, faculty politics, or a deficiency on the CV, Halonen and Dunn discuss some of the ways that a bid for full professorship can go wrong. They share some of the common deficiencies in scholarly or creative work, such as having too much work that never “reaches the finish line,” spending too much time on student-driven research or service commitments, poor relationships within the faculty, and/or an unprofessional or confusing CV. While a failure to secure promotion “isn’t the end of the world,” they conclude, it does require some thought about how to recover and what the right next steps are. Chronicle Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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