Develop a national blueprint to support the green-skills transformation: Opinion

Canada should create a blueprint to support a green-skills transformation, write RBC Senior Vice-President John Stackhouse and Future Skills Centre Executive Director Pedro Barata. Stackhouse and Barata argue that Canada will need to consider the roles of postsecondary education, reskilling, and immigration in its net-zero strategy, as approximately 15% of Canada’s labour force may be about to undergo a green-skills transformation. The authors say that workers will be expected to understand environmental issues so that they can balance their work with climate considerations. Retraining, lifelong learning, and the recognition of international credentials will also be important as Canada prepares for a green future. The authors encourage postsecondary institutions to “look beyond traditional disciplines” and to create new approaches to education to adapt to the needs of a net-zero future. The Globe and Mail Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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