Early-career researchers receive funding for brain-focused research

Early-career researchers from across Canada have recently received funding through Brain Canada for projects focused on understanding the brain. 20 grants of $100K each were given to researchers from a variety of institutions. The projects include a study on Accessible Youth Mental Health Support out of Lakehead University, a Memorial University project on Huntington’s disease, and a project out of the University of British Columbia on the interaction between the gut and the brain. “As a nation, we are among the world’s five most active countries in neuroscience,” said Brain Canada President Dr Viviane Poupon. “By funding early-career research in conditions ranging from epilepsy to depression to multiple sclerosis, Canadian researchers will continue to contribute to major scientific advancements in brain science that will further the field both nationally and internationally.” EurekAlert| Lakehead Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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