Faculty at ULethbridge pass vote of non-confidence, upper management expresses disappointment

The Faculty Members Governance Group at the University of Lethbridge has passed a vote of non-confidence in the university’s upper management. The initial results were sent to ULethbridge board chair Kurt Schlacter in April to express the group’s non-confidence in ULethbridge President Michael Mahon, VP (academic) Erasmus Okine, and VP (Finance) Nancy Walker. Schlacter expressed his disappointment and said that there is a “robust process for annually evaluating our president.” “During the course of my term as board chair, which is nearing six years, no negative comments have ever been shared through this activity,” said Schlacter. “Feedback throughout the years has been overwhelmingly positive.” Lethbridge Herald (1)| Lethbridge Herald (2) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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