Humber goes high tech by bringing autonomous floor scrubber to campus

Humber College has added a new autonomous floor scrubber to its campus to help keep its hallways clean. The scrubber, which initially learns its route by having an operator ride it along its path, enables Humber to keep its floors cleaner during the day. Cleaning staff are able to focus on other tasks while the scrubber is working, and since it is smaller than previous floor cleaners, the machine is able to clean spaces that previous machines could not reach. The scrubber is equipped with sensors so that it can stops if a person is in its way and can send a text message to an operator if it has a problem. “I think it’s the future, frankly,” said Humber Facilities Management Director Spencer Wood, who added that visitors to campus are intrigued by the machine and will take photos or ask questions about it. Humber Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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