Institutions should continue offering online learning alongside in-person courses: Opinion

Two recent opinion pieces from Inside Higher Ed discuss the benefits of online learning and how keeping virtual options can benefit students moving forward. Karen Powell Sears discusses the benefits shared by students, who said that online learning was accommodating for those with disabilities, was inclusive and placed them on more equal footing with their peers, made aspects of students’ bodies – such a size or gender nonconformity – less obvious, and gave students more control over their health. Samuel J Abrams argues that students found online learning to be an effective model overall, and that many students are interested in having virtual classes for flexibility and to avoid commutes. Both authors call for virtual learning to be offered alongside in-person learning to give students the options they desire. Inside Higher Ed 1 (Account Req.)| Inside Higher Ed 2 (Account Req.) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

Inside Higher Ed 1 (Account Req.) | Inside Higher Ed 1 (Account Req.) | Inside Higher Ed 1 (Account Req.)