Intergenerational student housing solution in Kelowna sees success

An innovative student housing solution in Kelowna that sees students living in dorms built in a long-term care facility is seeing success, according to Global News. The Vineyards Residence long-term care facility includes dorm space for four students and offers reduced rent to students in exchange for their time volunteering around the facility. University of British Columbia Okanagan students Paul Anderson and Mike Marshall chose to live in these dorms this year, and Marshall said that “it’s bizarre that it’s not a more popular thing.” The students take part in the facility’s recreational program, engaging residents in a variety of activities that range from baking pumpkin pies to hosting musical concerts to welcoming new residents. The facility also offers them employment opportunities. “It facilitates us going to school and lets us invest in our futures, while also giving back, which is perfect,” said Marshall. Global News Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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