Lethbridge unveils new Indigenous logo for sports team

Lethbridge College has unveiled a new Indigenous logo created by Blackfoot artist Monte Eagle Plume for its sports teams. The logo features a bear that has an arrow starting at its mouth, representing its life force and what it uses to sustain itself. The college had redesigned its gym floor to include new Indigenous images, designs, and words. Representations include mountains and the teepee, which the college’s Indigenous Services Manager Lowell Yellow Horn (Spiitawakasi/Tall Deer), who is a member of the Piikani First Nation, says emphasize that “this is our lodge – the Kodiaks’ lodge, and really brings it home for our student-athletes that this is a place of belonging.” The word “Aikowania,” which refers to body awareness and movement, appears on one side of the court, and “Welcome to Ohkotoki’aahkkoiyiiniimaan,” appears on the other side of the court. Lethbridge| Lethbridge News Now Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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