Lethbridge unveils traditional Buffalo Winter Count Robe


Lethbridge College has unveiled its traditional Buffalo Winter Count Robe, which will serve as a teaching tool, historical record, and ceremonial symbol. The robe consists of a buffalo hide from the Piikani Nation that has been painted to depict major events in the college’s history. The robe was designed by Kainai Knowledge Keeper and artist William Singer III (Api’soomaahka/Running Coyote) in collaboration with colleagues across Lethbridge’s departments and Kainai Kaahsinnoonik (Grandparent) Peter Weasel Moccasin (Miiniipooka/Berry Child). “This robe will serve as a visual reminder that the college’s history and the history of the Siksikaitsitapi are inexorably linked,” said Lethbridge President Dr Brad Donaldson.

Lethbridge Herald | Lethbridge