McGill apology to law student goes viral, BLSA plans law school survey

An apology letter issued to McGill University Law Student Fanta Ly, who is also the national mentorship representative for the Black Law Students Association of Canada, has gone viral after being released on Twitter. The letter, signed by McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier, states that “a member of university staff called your family and informed them, erroneously, that you had passed away” in June 2020. ABA Journal reports that the McGill staff member contacted Ly’s sibling instead of the family of another student, but apologized profusely when she noticed the mistake in the call. Ly stated that the situation was “just one of many incidents” included in a complaint she filed with the Quebec Human Rights Commission, and that other Black students have encountered issues with the university. The McGill Daily reports that the BLSA plans to compile a ranking of law schools for Black students that will consider factors such as the application process, responses to discrimination, and Black student and faculty experiences. Law.Com| ABA Journal| Twitter (Letter)| McGill Daily Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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