Moving from graduate researcher to a career in Educational Development: Editorial

A new article from University Affairs discusses the growth of the Educational Development (ED) industry and how graduate researchers have found careers in teaching and academic-adjacent careers. Three University of Toronto educational developers – Mike Kasprzak, Cristina D’Amico, and Samantha Chang – share their experiences in the field. Kasprzak explained that the work is collaborative in nature and provides potential for growth, while D’Amico discussed the process of seeking out resources to support a career transition. Chang discussed how her work allowed her to use experiential knowledge she previously thought was irrelevant to inform her work on accessibility in course design. The article encourages those interested in the industry to connect with the ED community, research the profession, and reflect on the skills that would make them a good fit for an ED job. University Affairs Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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