NAC-Memorial Partnership launches project based on Inuit traditional knowledge

Nunavut Arctic College and Memorial University are partnering on research exploring Inuit Qaujimanituqangit (IQ) (traditional knowledge) in Nunavut institutional research. The project examines trends, needs, and outlooks in Nunavut and includes collaborative work to gather, preserve, and digitize archival material about life in the north. Memorial Associate Professor Dr Max Liboiron explains that the project aims to aid community partners in becoming their own researchers and preservers of IQ so that the project itself can “[become] obsolete.” “The critical thing to know about this applied research is that it is northern-led,” said NAC-MUN Partnership director Jesse Jacobs. “It is research that is being done by the North for the North.” Memorial Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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