New study explores the use of chat bots to improve retention rates


A new study out of the US has found that students who received targeted, personal text messages from an AI chat bot were more likely take to take the steps necessary to stay enrolled than their counterparts. Researchers from Georgia State University conducted a randomized controlled trial with approximately 11,000 students where chat bots would remind students of important deadlines and tasks, and answer questions about topics such as campus services, financial aid, and other supports. The impact of the chat bots depended on how and when they were used, and the researchers pointed to success in sending plain-language reminders about specific tasks such as addressing unpaid balances or taking part in an upcoming academic support program for students with low GPAs. “When … we’re messaging to students about sort of well-defined tasks where they understand the consequences of not handling that task, that’s where we see the most benefit,” said researcher Lindsay Page. Inside Higher Ed Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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