Niagara revamps culinary, hospitality, and tourism programming

In an article for Niagara This Week, Niagara College shared the changes it is making to its culinary, hospitality, and tourism programs. The college has brought the hospitality and tourism programs under one roof, and has begun letting culinary students lead pop-up lunches and other events so that they have more control over how they apply and practice their skills. There is also a move away from the Canada Food and Wine Institute (CFWI) brand, reports Niagara This Week, as hospitality is brought “back into the fold.” “In the back of our minds, we always knew that we would eventually outgrow the (CFWI) brand, but we think it’s positive and I think it’s just a natural evolution,” said program dean Craig Youdale. Niagara will reflect on and assess the success of these changes in the winter. Niagara This Week Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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