Olds launches new brand, public-facing name

Olds College has announced a new public facing name – Olds College of Agriculture & Technology – as well as a new visual identity. The new name and identity build on the college’s foundation and position in the educational, agricultural, and ag-tech sectors. The logo’s green field and blue sky are intended to reflect this agricultural focus, while the shield’s hexagon shape and precise lines reflect its technological background. “The ag sector is poised to undertake a dramatic evolution that will foster innovation and technology, and create economic and employment opportunities at a pace that was hard to imagine just a few short years ago,” said Olds VP of Development and Strategy Patrick Machacek. “Olds College of Agriculture & Technology is positioned to lead at the forefront of this emerging ag revolution.” Olds| CKFM Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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