Postsecondary institutions must proactively prevent monkeypox: Kindrachuk

University of Manitoba virologist Jason Kindrachuk is urging postsecondary institutions to proactively address monkeypox to prevent it from becoming a campus-wide issue. Kindrachuk states that institutions need to raise awareness about monkeypox risks among students who may face an elevated risk from social events, cramped living quarters, and sexual activity. Some universities in Ontario and Quebec have taken steps to manage the risks. Concordia University is considering reconvening a group that focuses on concerns about infectious diseases in campus housing. Both McGill University’s student wellness centre and the University of Toronto will be providing information and resources related to monkeypox. Toronto Metropolitan University is developing protocols to manage potential infections on campus and in residences. CP24 (CP) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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