Postsecondary institutions, students recover from destruction of Hurricane Fiona

Postsecondary institutions and students on the east coast are recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Fiona. St Francis Xavier University President Andy Hakin released a letter noting that StFX is continuing to assess the damage on campus. Hakin also took a moment to recognize the contributions of staff members for their work in essential areas and thank students for their patience, flexibility, and care for each other. Memorial issued a statement that included supports for affected community members. In an article for Globe and Mail, journalist Joe Friesen described the impact of the storm on students at several institutions: Residences at StFX were evacuated after the storm damaged the roof, while the power was knocked out at Cape Breton University as well as in a neighbourhood where many students live off-campus. Dalhousie University also recently published an article discussing the need for global collaboration in order to prepare for increased hurricane intensity due to climate change. StFX| Dal| Globe and Mail (StFX, CBU, Dal)| Memorial Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

StFX | Memorial | Globe and Mail (StFX, CBU, Dal)