Presidents of UVic, Camosun talk co-op on recent podcast

On a recent episode of Chamber Chats, University of Victoria President Kevin Hall and Camosun College President Lane Trotter discussed co-operative education and its benefits for participants. Trotter, Hall, and host CEO Bruce Williams discussed topics such as which programs are most involved in co-op and the unique experiences of employers and students alike. Hall and Trotter shared the changes that the pandemic has introduced to employment and co-op; discussed the changing relationship between employers and students, with students sometimes walking away based on the employer’s response to their questions; and highlighted the opportunities and financial supports available to employers who wish to engage. Spreaker from iHeart (Audio) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

Spreaker from iHeart (Audio) | Spreaker from iHeart (Audio) | Spreaker from iHeart (Audio)