Researchers at UAlberta, Western explore 3D printing to support research methods

At two universities, researchers have shared their experience using 3D printing to engage in cost-effective, scalable research. At the University of Alberta, researchers led by Aneri Garg developed a new 3D scanning, printing, moulding, and casting (3D-SPMC) method to support environmental research. Garg and her team used the method to create 400 artificial coral reef pieces that look lifelike and remain stable underwater. UAlberta notes that the method could also be used for other research and activities, including conservation planning. At Western University, a collaborative project with Michigan Tech University resulted in the creation of a 3D-printed, functional surgical table at a fraction of the typical cost of such a table. “We want everyone in the world to have cost-effective medical care and this is one step on the path to getting us there,” said project lead Joshua Pearce. UAlberta| Western Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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