StFX Alumni, Peacock family announce donations for Saputo Centre

St Francis Xavier University’s Amelia Saputo Centre for Healthy Living has received major donations from John and Adrienne Peacock and the university’s Alumni Association. StFX Chancellor John Peacock and Adrienne Peacock, who are alumni and long-time supporters of StFX, donated $5M on the condition that StFX find matching pledges from other donors, turning them into the most significant alumni donors in StFX history. Inspired by the Peacock family, the StFX Alumni Association donated $500K. The funding supports the Saputo Centre’s move to a larger, more inclusive space. “We could see this could make a difference,” said John Peacock. “A lot of people benefit, what better project to really support?” StFX| StFX Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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