Student visa refusals see increase, leading to questions around discrimination

Student visa refusals are increasing, reports Journal de Montréal, and Francophone students from Africa have particularly been experiencing challenges. The Journal de Montréal reports that some students have had their visa refused because of concerns about students not returning to their countries after completing their programs, which Collège d’Alma conseiller en communication Frédéric Tremblay says is contradictory because of the workforce needs caused by the labour shortage. Other students reported having their visas refused for financial reasons even though they have funding in place, leading Cégep de Jonquière conseillère en communication Sabrina Potvin to question the application process. Others have discussed how the refusals may be a result of discrimination, as Journal de Montréal reports that student visa refusals have been higher for French-speaking institutions than for English-speaking institutions. Journal de Montréal Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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