Task force releases report on improvement of postsecondary opportunities for Northerners

A new report by the federal Task Force on Northern Post-Secondary Education has listed 37 calls to action in order to improve postsecondary opportunities for Northerners. The report draws on information from engagement sessions and surveys with over 800 Northerners. The task force found that many are wary of the education system due to colonial legacies, and recommended that leadership of education be returned to Northerners. “For generations, students in the North have often had to leave home to access post-secondary education, creating major personal, cultural, and financial barriers and challenges,” said task force member Ashlee Cunsolo. “Local access to post-secondary education, whether in person, on the land, or online, has transformative potentials to support people in achieving their educational goals, at home.” News Wire Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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