U of T, UFV, UOttawa take steps to make campuses greener

The University of Toronto, the University of the Fraser Valley, and the University of Ottawa are taking steps to make their campuses greener. U of T has announced a new project to update the heating and cooling systems in several Victorian buildings at its St George campus using a geo-exchange system. The system is expected to reduce U of T’s greenhouse gas emissions by 15,000 tonnes a year. UFV has sustainably renovated its B-150 workplace. The space was redesigned with a focus on creating dynamic spaces with high-performing and environmentally friendly materials. UOttawa has announced plans to divest its direct equity fossil fuel holdings by 2023 and its indirect holdings by 2030. The Globe and Mail (U of T)| UOttawa| UFV Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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