UManitoba launches Pro Bono Rights Clinic to offer services to marginalized individuals

The University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Law has launched a Pro Bono Rights Clinic. The clinic will provide pro bono legal services to marginalized individuals, with a focus on areas such as environmental rights, Charter rights, Indigenous rights, disability rights, and privacy rights. It will engage in four key areas: Case-focused advocacy, non-litigation advocacy, rights-related academic research, and informational presentations and seminars; and will partner with organizations to raise awareness. Law students will be able to work in the clinic, practicing their legal skills and performing tasks such as legal research and document drafting on behalf of clients. “Access to justice is a problem in Manitoba, and anything we can do to assist those who can’t afford a lawyer or qualify for Legal Aid fulfills our special responsibility as a law school to increase access,” said UManitoba Dean of Law Dr Richard Jochelson. UManitoba (1)| UManitoba (2)| Winnipeg Free Press Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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