UoGuelph introduces hiring initiative to increase the number of Black, Indigenous faculty and staff

The University of Guelph has announced a $3.6M hiring initiative in order to increase the number of Black and Indigenous faculty and staff. The initiative will see UoGuelph recruiting at least 15 people over the course of the three-year plan and will ensure new hires receive supports such as mentoring, peer networks, professional development and promotion, and wellness and mental health supports. “What sets this initiative apart is that it provides a sustainable, multi-year approach,” said UoGuelph associate dean of academic equity and anti-racism Dr Jade Ferguson. “It outlines a clear vision of intentional and thoughtful hiring practices and planning, and a plan for longer-term practices, concerning the recruitment and retention, resourcing and supporting the very best talent of Black and Indigenous faculty and staff.” UoGuelph Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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