UoGuelph student club develops program to recycle chemistry lab coats

A University of Guelph student club focused on laboratory sustainability has created a new program that will enable students to recycle their chemistry lab coats. Green Labs Guelph was formed after two concerned students brought the idea of a re-use program to the Sustainability Office. The club found that over 2,000 students each year required a lab coat, and that students were interested in a program that allowed them to return a lab coat after using it and get money back. The club will be selling the used lab coats in September, and is exploring other ways to reduce waste. “There are so many opportunities to reduce waste in labs,” said first-year UoGuelph student Youstina Makhlouf, who helped found Green Labs Guelph. “We have looking at PPE sanitation or recycling for things like masks and gloves. We also want to reduce waste in the use of pipettes. The list goes on.” UoGuelph Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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