UoGuelph study examines impact of university education on entrepreneurship


A new study published by University of Guelph researchers Jonathan Parkes and Davar Rezania examines the impact of different components of a university education on student entrepreneurship. Parkes and Rezania conducted a literature review and interviews with 15 student entrepreneurs from The Hub Incubator Program at UoGuelph to explore the topic further. They found that a university education is an influential element of entrepreneurship and identified several factors – such as a decentralized curriculum and the promotion of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship – that had a promotive influence. “These students are telling us the experience they have had with this focus on community has helped them develop entrepreneurial activity, which shows that education is much broader than attending classes and passing courses to get a degree,” said Parkes. UoGuelph| EPESS (Article, PDF) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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