Western booster, mask mandate draws mixed reaction

The CBC and Toronto Star report that Western University’s recently announced booster and mask mandate has created frustrations among some students. The students reportedly feel that they have not been given a proper reason for the mandate and that the requirements may create barriers for some. The Star reports that some students are also frustrated with the timing of the announcement and feel that Western should have informed them of the mandate earlier, so they could better prepare for Fall. “They could’ve said it at the beginning of the summer, so that we had the summer before we paid tuition to decide if we wanted to go to a school that’s requiring this mandate,” said third-year student Mya Kestle. CBC reports that several faculty members and staff were happy with the move, and CTV News noted that the Middlesex-London Health Unit echoed the university’s position. Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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