WIEC report calls for changes in the Winnipeg education system to improve Indigenous representation

A new report from the Winnipeg Indigenous Executive Circle calls for the development of new programs, strategies, and supports to improve equity in the Winnipeg school system. The State of Equity in Education Report for 2021 highlights the progress that school divisions, university faculties of education, and the province have made over the past year and where they need to improve in order to bolster Indigenous representation among teachers in the K-12 sector. WIEC’s report outlines eight calls to action to address the underrepresentation of and barriers faced by Indigenous people in the education sector. “We know that currently what we’re doing isn’t working,” said report author Heather McCormick, “and that we really need to have different pathways for our community to move into the faculties of education to become teachers.” CBC| CTV News| AB Council (Report) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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