A look at the parallels in attempts to rename Chippewa, Iroquois Ridge schools

In a recent article for Bay Today, Stu Campaigne discusses the parallels between the renaming processes for two Ontario schools: Iroquois Ridge High School in Oakville and Chippewa Secondary School North Bay. Campaigne outlines the history of the renaming processes for each school, including concerns about the use of terms “Chippewa” and “Iroquois,” the resistance that the renaming process has faced from local community members, and the “change of heart” demonstrated by their respective school boards. The article highlights the voices of several Indigenous community members who criticized the school boards’ process as lacking transparency, collaboration, and accountability. Several of these issues were further covered in a recent article in Sudbury.com. “As treaty people, our community was not consulted,” said delegate Jody Harbour of the decision to rename Iroquois Ridge. “Consultation is the first step in everything that we do and not the last one.”

Bay Today | Sudbury.com