The Academica Timeline

No one becomes a sector leader overnight. Since our inception in 1997, we’ve been hard at work developing our understanding of Canadian postsecondary education and honing our research and consulting skills to ensure our work is in keeping with the latest best practices.


1997: University Applicant Survey (UAS)


2003: College Applicant Survey (CAS)


2004: UAS and CAS conducted online for the first time.


2005: Became Academica Group, Inc.


2005: Acceptance Declined Survey (ADS)


2006: Academica Top Ten


2007: Received Gold Seal Certification from the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA)


2008: UAS and CAS combined to create the sector-leading University/College Applicant Study (UCAS)


2009: Launched US branch


2010: Published “Strategic Enrolment Intelligenceā€ and launched the Did Not Apply study


2011: Launched Academica Careers, the Incoming Student Survey (ISS), and held the first Academica Summit


2012: Indigenous Education Summit & launch of the Indigenous Top Ten


2013: Launched the StudentVu panel


2014: Launched the Academica Forum


2015: Formalized our Program Market Analysis framework


2016: Formally launched our Brand Research Services


2017: Launched our Early Leavers Survey (ELS)


2019: Publicly launched our Devant division


2020: COVID-19-specific prospective student studies (Domestic Prospective Student Survey & International Prospective Student Survey)


2022: Launched annual Student Housing Studies and consulting services


2023: Relaunched the Academica Forum