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Ethno-Racial Disparities in Vertical Transfer Intent among ON College Applicants

Published in 2023 by the The Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer. In a recent project funded by the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT), we analyzed ethno-racial disparities in vertical transfer (e.g., college-to-university) intent among Ontario college applicants using Academica’s UCAS.

2023 Gen Z Media Report

Co-published in 2023 with Glacier. For the last four years, Academica Group and Glacier have annually surveyed high school students in Canada to better understand their postsecondary decision making and perceptions of marketing and branding. In 2023, 1,083 high school students considering attending postsecondary education (PSE) shared their perspective. Data was obtained via Glacier’s influencer and high school network.

LEARN: Micro-Credentialing in Northern Alberta

Published in 2021 by the Labour Education Applied Research North (LEARN). A recent study conducted on the behalf of Labour Education Applied Research North (LEARN) identified that there is a need to develop a common definition, outcomes, assessments and quality assurance processes for micro-credentialing.

The Impact of Incentives, Communications and Task Demand on Postsecondary Student Participation in Online Research

Published in 2017 by HEQCO. Julie Peters, Chris Hall, and Rod Skinkle of Academica Group examined the effects of different incentives, communication strategies and task demands on student participation in online research to better inform HEQCO’s ongoing work with the Essential Adult Skills Initiative (EASI).

Transitions in Postsecondary Education

Published in 2016 by HEQCO. The survey of Academica Group’s StudentVu panel gathered the perspectives of current students and recent graduates on their experiences transitioning into, through, and out of postsecondary education. More than 1,600 Canadian postsecondary students were surveyed.

Multiple Case Study Evaluation of Postsecondary Bridging Programs for Internationally Educated Health Professionals

Published by HEQCO in 2015. A study by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) involving Peggy Sattler and Julie Peters of Academica Group examined seven bridging programs and found that while they are all quite different, they faced the common challenges of finding quality clinical placements for students and stable, long-term funding.

WIL in Ontario’s Postsecondary Sector: The Pathways of Recent College and University Graduates

Published by HEQCO in 2014. In the third and final phase of a multi-year study of this work-integrated learning (WIL) study, we followed up with WIL and non-WIL students 18 months after graduation to examine their educational and employment outcomes.

The University of Waterloo and WIL: Three Perspectives

Published by HEQCO in 2013. The report uses findings from three surveys, undertaken in spring 2011 and spring 2012, to gather perspectives from graduating college and university students, faculty, and Ontario employers on work-integrated learning (WIL).

WIL in Ontario’s Postsecondary Sector: The Experience of Ontario Graduates

Published by HEQCO in 2013. This report is based on findings from a survey of graduating students at 13 Ontario colleges and universities, and was conducted as part of a multi-year series of studies commissioned by HEQCO.

WIL and Postsecondary Graduates: The Perspective of Ontario Employers

Published by HEQCO in 2012. This report is part of a multiphase HEQCO study on WIL and its impact on students, faculty and employers. This report explores employer motivations and barriers to participating in WIL programs.

Faculty Experiences with and Perceptions of WIL in the Ontario Postsecondary Sector

Published by HEQCO in 2012. In this study, faculty across 13 institutions were surveyed as they play a critical role in designing, supporting and implementing WIL opportunities.

WIL in Ontario’s Postsecondary Sector

Published by HEQCO in 2011. According to this exploratory study, commissioned by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO), postsecondary institutions and their community partners/employers are generally satisfied with WIL programs but agree that more focus should be placed on the learning outcomes for students and the distinct learning needs of different groups.

From Postsecondary Application to the Labour Market

Published in 2010 by HEQCO. This study looked at the pathways of PSE applicants and their employment experiences during and after their education.

Strategic Enrolment Intelligence

Published in 2010 by Academica Group. The Strategic Enrolment Intelligence textbook examines the discipline of enrolment management in Canadian postsecondary education.