Rod Skinkle

President and CEO

Bruce Thompson

Senior Vice President

Julie Peters

Vice President, Research

Karen Lee

Projects Manager

Brittany Ally

Office and Careers Platform Manager

Rachel Janzen

Communications & Marketing Manager

Kristine Abramoff

Assistant Editor

Clare Church

Top Ten Writer

Chris Hall

Enrolment Research Manager

Claire Henderson

Research Manager

Katie Herlick

Senior Researcher

Radha Paleja

Senior Researcher

Candace Carella

Research Associate

Chenxi He

Research Associate

Kascindra (Kascie) Shewan

Research Consultant


Alison Lewis

Senior Consultant

Alison Pickrell

Senior Consultant

Bonnie Crocker

Senior Consultant, Strategic Enrolment Management

David Veres

Senior Consultant

Joe Danis

Senior Consultant, Student Housing & Wellness

Julie Cookson

Senior Consultant

Kristine Smalcel Pederson

Senior Consultant

Mike Sekulic

Senior Consultant

Tina DiSimone

Senior Consultant


Devant is a subsidiary of Academica Group dedicated to helping international students and graduates Stay. Work. Succeed. in Canada. To learn more, please visit our dedicated Devant website.