BC invests in language fluency programs, First Nations institutes, Métis postsecondary model

The Government of British Columbia recently made two investments into Indigenous postsecondary education. BC has made a $23.4M investment over the next three years into Indigenous-led postsecondary education programs, training, and supports: $20.1M of the funding will go toward First Nations-mandated institutes, $3M will go toward First Nations language-fluency degrees, and $340K will go toward the Chief Joe Mathias British Columbia Aboriginal Scholarship Fund. The province also announced that it will be providing $1.65M to the Métis Nation British Columbia over the next three years to explore a new Métis postsecondary institution model and opportunities to strengthen the Michif language. “We know how important language is to the preservation of culture and the exploration of a new Métis post-secondary institution model is one important way we can help support these efforts,” said BC Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Murray Rankin. An additional $145K will go toward expanding financial supports for Métis postsecondary students.

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