Canada, NBES, KWLIS announce funds, resources to support language learning, literacy

Several organizations and governments have announced new funds and supports for Indigenous language learning and literacy. The Government of Canada announced $39.4M to support the preservation and revitalization of Indigenous languages in the territories. “Our vision is to have schools talking in our language, all the way from kindergarten to graduation,” said Dettah chief Edward Sangris, who added that he anticipates the funds to be put toward Willideh language programming in the Yellowknives Dene First Nation community’s school. The Nunavut Bilingual Education Society (NBES) also recently distributed about a hundred Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun literacy kits that include children’s books, colouring books, and workbooks for children up to 11-years-old. “I think there’s always been a desire to have something like this for children — and not just in school, but also at home,” said NBES Executive Director Jaypeetee Arnakak. The kits are funded by the territorial government. Similarly, Kehkimin Wolastoqey Language Immersion School recently worked with the Language Conservancy to create collection of books and an app to help students learn the Wolastoqey language. At an event introducing the tools to the public, Sitansisk First Nation Elder Maggie Paul explained that the benefit of the resources goes beyond kids, as teenagers, young adults, and older members of the community will be able to learn the language from the tools.

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