Chairs of SJASD, WSD call on MB to bring more Indigenous teachers to the classroom

The chairs of two school divisions in Manitoba are calling on the Government of Manitoba to bring additional Indigenous teachers into the classroom. St-James Assiniboia School Division chair Holly Hunter and Winnipeg School Division board chair Tamara Kuly co-authored a letter to MB Minister of Advanced Education and Training Renée Cable calling on the government to work with Indigenous organizations to increase the number of certified Indigenous teachers and education students. Hunter and Kuly also called for a “significant investment” into training and partnerships with community organizations to provide First Nations, Métis and Inuit candidates with bursaries and wraparound services. “We know that Indigenous students that see themselves reflected in the teaching staff are more likely to achieve academic success,” said Hunter. University of Manitoba Associate Dean of Indigenous Education Frank Deer noted that the institution is currently designing a post-baccalaureate diploma in Indigenous education that will begin training students in Fall 2024.

Winnipeg Free Press | Winnipeg Sun