Concerns grow about safety in, support for Indigenous schools

CBC reports that some communities have expressed their concerns about the safety of schools that serve Indigenous children and the adequacy of the financial support provided. In the Yukon, the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation has received complaints about issues at the local school, including discrimination against children with disabilities and staff making inappropriate comments to students. The First Nation says that some parents have kept their children home from school, and that the Government of Yukon has not done enough to address the safety concerns. Meanwhile, in Quebec, the Kitiganik elementary school has been closed by administration due to mould concerns. Though Indigenous Services Canada reportedly has said that the “building is safe for use,” CBC reports that students will continue to learn in different locations until the end of the semester and that the school will hire an inspector to test the air quality. In Newfoundland & Labrador, the Innu Nation and its joint education body have filed a human rights complaint that alleges that funding for Sheshatshiu and Natuashish schools is inadequate. Concerns include the costs of delivering education in a remote location and inadequate support for Indigenous languages.

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