Elementary school in Pilick unveils new name in honour of elders: Wulastukw Wolokehkitimok

A K-6 school in Pilick, New Brunswick has been renamed to honour the vision of two elders and to reflect a more holistic educational approach. The Wulastukw Elementary School has now been renamed Wulastukw Wolokehkitimok, which translates to “a place of holistic learning.” The name was chosen to honour the efforts that the late Pilick elders Veronica Atwin and Charles Solomon made to keep the Wolastoqey language alive. The school incorporates language, culture, land-based teachings, and Wolastoqey ways of knowing, and includes Montessori-style education so that students can learn at their own pace. “The model itself is built for developing the wellbeing of the child so they will be able to overcome these challenges once they leave this community,” said Kingsclear First Nation Director of Education Jesse Simon. The community also announced that its official first language is now Wolastoqey.