Finding success through completing a community-based program: Editorial

Ethan MacLeod, a graduate of the Cree School Board and John Abbott College’s Iyeskuwiiu Springboard to Diploma of College Studies Program, has penned an article about how remaining in his community while he studied helped him to achieve his educational goals. By taking part in the Iyeskuwiiu Springboard program, he explains, he was able to learn online from his home and connect with other Cree communities for on-the-land classes, which was a contrast with the pandemic experience of isolation and homesickness he experienced during his previous studies. MacLeod gained college-level credits, prepared for further postsecondary education, made new friendships with people from other Cree communities, and had memorable experiences –such as learning to skin a beaver – while learning more about his culture. “After completing this program and along with raising a new family, I now want to continue my studies,” said MacLeod. “I feel more confident about my future and facing the challenges that are ahead of me, whatever they may be.”