FNEC, Indigenous communities concerned over recent amendment to proposed Bill 96

The First Nations Education Council of Quebec (FNEC) and members of Indigenous communities are expressing concern after learning that the recently proposed Bill 96 would force students to complete three French-language courses while in cégep. FNEC says that an estimated 200 Indigenous high school students would be negatively affected by the amendment, as for some students, French is their third language which could make it difficult for them to succeed. Kahnawake community guidance counsellor Arlene Teiohserahte Horne says that this amendment would create another barrier for youth who are pursuing higher education and make it more difficult for them to gain training and return to help their communities. “We’re trying so hard in Kahnawake to push our children to get a better education,” said Horne. “We want our own doctors; we want our own nurses; we want our own scientists. We have such creative people.”

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