FNU co-launches Project Management Certificate Program

The First Nations University of Canada has partnered with Procept Associates Ltd to launch a Project Management Certificate Program. The program, which is offered through FNU’s Indigenous Continuing Education Centre, will teach students about project management and planning risk management. It will also cover topics of interest to Indigenous communities, including the establishment of sound project governance structures and policies, and project procurement best practices. “For Indigenous communities, change can be realized through meaningful and relevant projects,” said FNU President Dr Jacqueline Ottmann. “Most First Nations need greater internal capacity to govern and implement projects with people from the community. This approach keeps revenue within the community and empowers First Nations to make project planning and delivery decisions that are aligned with community priorities and goals.” FNU noted that the ICEC has expanded since its launch in January 2022 from providing Indigenous awareness and reconciliation training to Corporate Canada to working directly with Indigenous community members to build capacity.

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