Fort Simpson mother wants answers after photo showing daughter being dragged surfaces

A mother in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories has expressed outrage after a photo was published online that appears to show her daughter being “dragged” across the parking lot of Líídlįį Kúę Elementary School by a teacher, reports CBC. A person who observed the incident reportedly sent the photo to Shannon Cazon, who identified the child in the photo as her daughter and said that the teacher was not her regular teacher. Cazon says that her daughter no longer wants to go to school and that she has complained of a sore back and neck. Turtle Island News reports that the incident was reported to the RCMP, which investigated but did not lay charges. “This is the kind of stuff that you pray will never happen again in our lifetime, especially most of us coming from residential schools,” said Dehcho First Nations Grand Chief Herb Norwegian. “It’s pretty traumatic for us.” The teacher has reportedly been suspended until the Dehcho Divisional Education Council completes their investigation of the incident.

CBC | Cabin Radio | Turtle Island News